1. Department of Botany is one among the oldest Departments of University of Calicut and possesses one of the democratic statutory body termed Departmental Council (DC)


2. Possesses the biggest University Botanical Garden in India


3. Owns one of the best University Herbarium (CALI)


4. Only Department of University of Calicut that publishes two journals, Rheedea & Eco-chronicle


5. Headquarters of Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (IAAT)


6. Only University Department with a Garden for the Visually-Challenged in India 


7. Headquarters of Gregor Mendel Foundation 


8. Interuniversity Centre for Plant Biotechnology is associated with the Department 


 9. Calicut University Botanical Society (CUBS) is associated with the Department


10. Green Brigade is associated with the Department


No of Visits: 144920

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Department of Botany
University of Calicut
Thenhipallam PO
Malappuram - 673635
Phone : (0494) - 2407406 / 407
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